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Frequently asked questions

  • There is no maximum amount for an automobile financing with Reezocar. However, it must be consistent with your financial capabilities.
  • With an automobile financing, you are free to choose the vehicle of your dreams among a wide selection of new and used vehicles with a maximum of options while preserving your cash flow. An automobile financing also allows you to benefit from guarantees during the entire duration of your contract.
  • A car loan allows you to finance part or all of your vehicle in order to become its owner. In the case of a lease, you are the tenant of the vehicle during the entire duration of the contract. In the case of a LOA, 3 options are available to you at the end of your contract: become the owner of the vehicle by lifting the purchase option, return your vehicle to Reezocar or renew your contract by choosing a new vehicle. In the case of a LLD, the return of the vehicle at the end of the contract is mandatory and releases you from the sale process.
  • Financing with Reezocar is in no way mandatory but it offers you security and serenity in your automobile purchase. You benefit from the guarantees offered by Reezocar which cover your vehicle during the entire duration of your contract. In addition, our advisors take care of everything for you by going through the search for the vehicle to the request for the creation of your financing file with our financing organization.
  • No, any financing can be done without a down payment. However, the presence of a down payment can increase your chances of obtaining financing and will reduce your monthly payments.
  • Maintenance and repair services are optional in a LOA contract or as part of a loan. These services are however included in a Long Term Rental contract.
  • Yes, it is possible to subscribe to insurances with your financing contract. Two insurances are offered:
    • Death and Disability Insurance (DIT): In case of death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA), total adjustment of the end of the contract is covered. Your rents are also in case of temporary disability (ITT).
    • Insurance Financial Protection: In case of total destruction or theft of your vehicle, the insurance allows you to settle your financing.
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