Car credit

Become the owner of your vehicle, with or without contribution. You choose the duration and the amount of your monthly payments which remain flexible throughout your contract.

You areOwner

Duration1 to 7 years

Vehicles-10 years and
-150 000km

Why choose credit?

Become the owner of your vehicle

You become the owner of your vehicle while keeping your savings. You start repaying your loan after the delivery of the vehicle.

Compose your financing with or without contribution

You are free to choose the amount of the contribution when setting up your contract according to your available savings.

A credit that adapts to your needs

You can partially or totally repay your credit in advance, change the withdrawal date or even pause your payments.

How does a loan work?

  1. I choose my vehicle

    From the selection of certified vehicles available on the site, I choose my vehicle.

  2. I put together my financing file

    Accompanied by my dedicated advisor, I provide all the necessary documents.

  3. I select my guarantees

    Among the selection of guarantees and options, I choose the guarantees that correspond to my vehicle.

  4. I become the owner

    Once my file has been validated, I take full advantage of my vehicle as an owner.

Choose your services and guarantees

Take advantage of the guarantees corresponding to your future vehicle in order to be covered throughout the duration of your contract or in the event of a claim.

Questions about credit

  • The duration of a loan is between 12 and 84 months
  • An assigned credit is a loan intended to fully or partially finance the purchase of your vehicle. An allocated credit will be granted to you to finance only the amount corresponding to the vehicle you have selected.
  • In order to build your financing file, we need the documents below:
    • Photocopy of identity document,
    • Photocopy of driving licence
    • Proof of address less than 3 months old
    • Last tax notice
    • Last three payslips
    Additional documents may be requested depending on your personal situation
  • The repayment of the credit is made monthly by direct debit from your bank account. The monthly payments of your credit are defined according to your contribution and the duration.

Need more information?

Our specialist car finance advisors are here to guide you.